How to incorporate a Cyprus company

In case you are interested to incorporate a company in Cyprus, as a first step we require you to complete THIS APPLICATION FORM and send it to us.

Upon receipt of the completed Form and relevant information, we will proceed with filing a “company name approval request”, such approval is usually received between 24-48 hours. (In case there is any issue with the requested name we usually get back to the applicant with similar company name proposals and suggestions that will be accepted).

Thereafter we submit the relevant application documents reflecting the director, secretary, shareholder and registered office of the Company.

Along with these documents, the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company including amongst others, the amount of authorised and issued shares should also be filed.

Once the company is approved and registered by the Registrar of Companies, which usually takes 5-6 working days, we will receive the relevant Certificates including its Registration Number.

The actual official expenses of the Registrar of Companies are between 520-590 EUR depending on the urgency of the requests, the authorised issued share capital of the company and the stamps needed.

Our Firm, can also provide services of Nominee Directors and Shareholder, as well as provide Secretary and Registered Office services.

We can also propose a number of solutions related to the substance of the Company.
Click HERE for the Company Registration Application Form.

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