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Intellectual property (IP) rights enable authors, artists, designers and inventors to decide how their creations and inventions are used.

These rights, most of which exist for a certain duration and need to be actively maintained in order to be effective are a key incentive to creativity and innovation, and increase consumer choice and job creation in the global economy.

In Cyprus, intellectual property rights, fall principally into two categories:

1. Industrial property, which mainly comprises of:

which amongst others can be a word, logo or symbol which competitor companies may not use once it has been protected.

meaning new technical comprises and or process.

meaning the outward appearance of a product, not the technical features.

2. Copyright, which covers literary and artistic works such as art, books, articles, plays, , musical works, maps and computer software. Further, rights related to copyright include those of performers and producers of films and rights in sound recordings and broadcasts.

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