IP Enforcement

Protecting your intellectual property (IP) is very important for the success of your business.

In the instance that any legal entity or natural person copies anything you have registered or protected or uses it without your consent and / or written permission, then an infringement takes place.

An action of infringement, where the unlawful use of the intellectual property in question causes a likelihood of confusion by the consumer, has the potential to destroy the reputation, the market and the business strategy of a person or a company. Any violation of intellectual property rights has serious criminal and civil law consequences.

Therefore, if an IP owner becomes aware of an infringement of their rights, it is imperative to consider the possibility to take legal action. Each IP owner is responsible for the enforcement and safeguard of their intellectual property rights.

The way to avoid long and expensive litigation in the case of infringement is to be in a position to show that your IP is comprehensively protected. The better intellectual property is protected, the easier tends to be its enforcement.

IP Cyprus can assist you and provide you with solutions in the event of possible violations of your intellectual property rights.