A patent protects new inventions and essentially comprises:

• The product ie. What the product is, what it is made of and what it does and
• The process ie. How the product works and its method.

The invention must be:

• New
• Industrially applicable
(be capable of being made in some kind of industry)

As per the Cyprus law, a theory, a scientific discovery, an artistic work and a computer program are not patents.

A patent is protected in Cyprus only via an application for registration with the Official Cyprus Authorities. Patents granted by the European Patent Organisation (EPO) and the International application (PCT) are protected in Cyprus provided it is designated as a country in the initial application and thereafter duly validated in Cyprus by filing with the Cyprus office a translation of the patent specifications.

In Cyprus, a protected patent, should be renewed (annuities paid) every year after the 2nd year for up to 20 years protection.

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