80% Tax exemption for any income generated from IP profits

The so called IP Box, which contains a package of measures to promote economic growth and aims to boost Cyprus’ predominantly service-oriented economy, includes a number of very attractive tax incentives.

Since May 2012, Cyprus law provides 80% tax exemption for any income derived from intellectual property profits.

The most notable of these is a series of tax exemptions -the largest in Europe- relating to investment in intellectual property rights.

The Cyprus IP Box Tax Regime provides the exemption from taxation of 80% of any income and/or profit derived from intellectual property profits.

Cyprus is therefore an ideal location for the establishment and maintenance of the IP owner as the royalty income will be substantially exempted from taxation in Cyprus.

The significant tax exemptions of the IP Box in addition to the attractive 12,5% Cyprus company tax rate and the extensive network of double tax treaties that Cyprus has ratified, reconfirms Cyprus’ advantage as a business centre since companies – and particularly the IP owning companies- can receive unquestionable tax savings.

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