Copyright is automatic. What is the meaning of it in practice?

Copyright is automatic. This practically means that there is no certification or registration procedure of the creator of a work in Cyprus and the European Union.

Furthermore, there is no need for the creator of a work of filling in an application form or pay any fee in order to safeguard his legal rights to his/her work.

Once an individual created an original work set down in tangible and fixed form enjoys all his rights. However, many are those who for the sake of better protection of their copyright accompany each of their work with the © symbol, the name of the holder of copyright and the date the work was created. While this is not a requirement of the law the addition of these elements helps others to know certain elements that constitute the identity of each of their work, and know who to approach in the case they intend to exploit their work.

Several times a creator of a work resorts to various solutions in order to ensure better protection of his copyright.

The creator has the option to send his work to himself in a sealed envelope or create a jury statement before the court. Neither of the options referred to can be considered a proof that a work is original and that it belongs to the creator; but they can constitute a sufficient and effective witness before the court in the case of their right being challenged.

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