Did you apply for an EU trademark before 22 June 2012? Then you must read this!

The new EU Trademark System and what businesses must do!

As the new EU Trademark System will come into force on March 23rd, trademark owners must review their portfolios in order to make sure that they take any necessary actions needed for the protection of their marks.

One of the main changes is related to any trademarks that were applied for before 22 June 2012 bearing only the class heading of the class. If the intention was to receive protection in all goods/services of such class, then the owners of those marks will have a six-month grace period (from 23 March to 23 September 2016) to file the specific list of goods and services they require protection for. If not , the EU Trademark Office will interpret and apply the literal meaning of the class heading only.

During this period, trademark owners should evaluate existing registrations to ensure that those registrations actually protect them for the goods and services they think they are protected for.

It is also advisable to review the EU trademark registrations that are currently going through the system to make sure that the applications cover the goods and services they intend to cover.

Also they should evaluate any trademarks involved in opposition or infringement proceedings to ensure that the registration on which the opposition is based covers the goods and services they think are covered.

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