Enforcing your ip rights in Cyprus

In the current global economy of trade and communication, the commercial exploitation of services and product is spreading widely and fast from one country to another. Therefore, protecting the intellectual property rights in both import and export channels, is a high priority for brand owners.

Cyprus, as a member country of the EU and as a member party of the most important international international Agreements and Treaties takes all the necessary steps for the protection and the enforcement of intellectual property rights.

Cyprus Customs and the Police Authorities work very closely and cooperate using fast and immediate mechanisms in order to provide a secure environment for all the intellectual property rights.

The legal and procedural environment related to the enforcement of intellectual property rights in Cyprus provides the tools to all the brand owners in order to take actions against infringers to prevent further infringement and recover the losses incurred from any actual infringement.

Our Team, has the experience and the knowledge to provide guidance and legal assistance to the brand owners, in order to achieve the enforcement of their rights in Cyprus with cost-effective and effective procedures.

Click HERE to read the latest Report of the EU Customs Enforcement of Intellectual Property rights

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