How to protect my app in Cyprus?

An app is the result of software, design and branding.

The owner of the app must make sure from the initial steps of the development of his app that he is the sole owner of the intellectual property rights which may arise from such an app. If not, he bears the risk that his employees and/or associates may claim rights on the final product.

The next important element is the protection of the software of the app.

Generally, according to the EU Directive, software is deemed copyright which is an automatic right.

There is no actual registration procedure in place in Cyprus or in the EU for the registration of copyright. Practically this means that there is no certification or registration procedure for the creator of a software in Cyprus and the European Union, to take advantage of.

Third and last element is the protection of the name / slogan or logo of the app as a trademark. The applicant should have a clear strategy for the countries or the jurisdiction he wishes to obtain trademark protection, as depending on his strategy there are different and economical routes which he may use.

Also, in some jurisdictions the software of the app might be protected under patent law as well. Therefore, before any publication or promotion of the app is advisable to receive legal advice.

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