How to protect my brand internationally?

When it comes to the international protection of your brand, there are easy and smart ways which can be used. .

The main international body which governs the international route of registrations is WIPO.

However, not all countries of the countries adopt the relevant WIPO agreements.

Therefore depending on the facts of each case and the right to be protected, we can inform you about the available routes of protection and the costs involved.

In order to get back to you with more information we must first know the below:

  1. What do you wish to protect? (A patent? A trademark? A design? A copyright protected work?)
  2. Who is the owner?
  3. In which jurisdictions do you wish to protect your business?


We can also help you in case you don’t wish to proceed internationally, but you need help for a specific foreign jurisdiction .

IP CYPRUS , through our associates, can assist you for the protection of your IP rights in any country of the world.

Through our experience and based on our associate’s advice, we can guide you and assist you for any IP issue globally.

During the last years, we assisted many clients for the ip protection of their business in the USA, China, India, UK, South Africa etc.

For further information, please send us an email to

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