How to protect my software in Cyprus?

Generally, according to the EU Directive, software is deemed copyright which is an automatic right.

There is no actual registration procedure in place in Cyprus or in the EU for the registration of copyright. Practically this means that there is no certification or registration procedure for the creator of a software in Cyprus and the European Union, to take advantage of.

Once an individual creates an original work in a tangible and fixed form, this results in copyright.
However, many are those who for the sake of better protection of their copyright accompany each of their works with the © symbol, the name of the holder of copyright and the date of the creation of the work. While this is not a requirement of the law the addition of such indication, provides awareness to any third parties of the ownership of this copyright.

Our Firm can assist you for the preparation of such Evidence in order to be in a position to provide proof of your copyright claim.

Further, the name / symbol of a software can be protected as a trademark.

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