I have an EPO granted patent. And now what?

If the EPO examiners decide to grant a patent, and all fees have been paid and any claims translations filed, the decision is reported in the European Patent Bulletin.

The decision to grant takes effect on the date of publication.

What you have now got is a ‘bundle’ of individual national patents.

After the EPO decision to grant is published, your patent has to be validated in each designated state within a specific time limit.

If this is not done, your patent may not be enforceable in that country.

In some states, validation may include having to file (and pay for) a translation of the whole patent, or just a translation of the granted claims.

IP CYPRUS, through our associates,  can assist you for the validation of your EPO granted patent in the jurisdictions you wish to receive protection for.

Read here: the latest list of countries – members of EPO.

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