Is your company ready for the new internet?


Internet is about to change as new web addresses have been approved by ICANN.

Therefore, except from the traditional web addresses , such as

.com // .eu // .org

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers – known as ICANN- started the examination and the acceptance of web addresses such as:

.online // .music // .shop // .constructor //
.pharmaceutical // .news //.nicosia // .κύπρος etc

Also it will be possible to register multilingual web addresses too.

These changes is the biggest change in internet’s history since its creation.

However concerns have been raised about how trademarks can be protected during this period of significant change online as the opportunities for cybersquatting and other infringing activities are real.

Nobody wants his trademark to be used without his consent in a number of different web addresses with misleading content.

IP Cyprus, our intellectual property service provider, can assist you to protect your trademark during the domain names expansion.

Using ICANN’s mechanisms we can provide effective , fast and trustworthy online protection for every trademark holder or agent.

In case you wish to receive more information and in case you wish to learn whether the above changes might affect you or your company, don’t hesitate to email us to

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