Industrial designs in Cyprus

The exhibition presently being organized by the Industrial Property Organisation of Greece in Athens called Greek design = Good Design is another indication of how in spite of the crises, Greeks continue to be resourceful and innovative.

The challenge however is to be diligent both with the protection of patents and of their designs.

Our team can provide advice and assist each interested person with the protection of industrial designs in Cyprus, in Europe and internationally.

Protecting an industrial design, results in the creator having exclusive rights in the design. In this way, other parties are prevented from reproducing the design without his permission and from circulating such replicas in the market.

The omission by a creator to protect his design will allow the opportunity for potential imitators to copy the design and to place their own product on the market, which is usually of a lower quality. Thus, apart from the other issues arising from such infringement, the imitators gain the profits which the creator is entitled to.

Examples of Industrial designs include bottles, furniture, general packaging of a product and appliances etc.

The cost of registration and protection of an industrial design in Cyprus is relatively low and should be deemed an investment since this fully protects each creator and enhances the competitive advantage which he has in the market due to the uniqueness of the design.

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