How important is intellectual property protection to your startup?

As per the INC. magazine:
“…a strong IP portfolio will be vitally important to your ability to play the long game. The world’s largest innovators, including Google, Microsoft and Apple, seem to agree. During the past six months, these companies have spent more than $18 billion on intellectual property alone”

Therefore, startup owners should be aware and make sure that they take all necessary steps to protect their intellectual property rights, even from the first steps they take.

The main relevant questions for the intellectual property protection of a startup are the following:

– How was your startup idea developed?
– Do you have an original branding idea? How do you protect it?
– In which jurisdictions do you wish to have protection in?
– Familiarise yourself with the main ip rights such as patents, trademarks, copyright and industrial designs.
– Make sure you have the most important legal agreements related to any use and/or disclosure of your startup ideas in place.

Intellectual property is an asset which enjoys the same level of protection as any other movable or immovable property.

Cyprus as a member country of the EU, adopts the relevant EU legislation and protects all the intellectual property rights of a startup.

Our Firm, can assist you for any issue related to the legal protection and development of the intellectual property rights of your startup in Cyprus and internationally.

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