Copyright is automatic. What is the meaning of it in practice?

Copyright is automatic. This practically means that there is no certification or registration procedure of the creator of a work in Cyprus and the European...

The resale right of the creator of an original work of art

The resale right of an original work of art (in English known as re-sale right) is the right every creator has been granted to receive...

The advantages of the protection of copyright

The holder of copyright protects his/her own original work and prevents any use of his work made without his consent. In case of infringement the...

Our infographic about the Cyprus copyright law

The basic rules of copyright were never explained more clear!

IP Cyprus Profile

Our latest Profile which has as a cover page the famous Lefkaritika handmade laces of Cyprus.  

Fileleftheros Newspaper

Marinos Cleanthous explains to Fileleftheros Newspaper the provisions of Cyprus copyright legislation, in relation to Demetris Yeros’ claims for the violation of his intellectual property...

Fileleftheros Newspaper

Article of Marinos’ regarding Cyprus Copyright Law at Fileleftheros Newspaper.  

Politis Newspaper

Marinos talks to Politis Newspaper about the necessity for a legislation of Cyprus Royalties Societies to come into force.  
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