Six steps to protect your IP Right

If you wish to protect your intellectual property using our e-filing system, please note the following steps:

1. Complete and send the e-filing application form
as well as the Power of Attorney document to us.


2. We send you a confirmation of receipt,
together with a reference number.


3. An examiner of IP Cyprus will check your application.
If the examiner has no objection, we send you our payment request.
Alternatively an email will be sent out informing you of any
omissions and or clarifications necessary.


4. Proceed with payment and state your reference number
as per our initial confirmation.


5. Once we confirm receipt of your payment,
we will proceed with the submission of your application
to the Authorities within 24 hours.


6. We keep you informed of any notifications we receive
by the Authorities up to the issuance
of your Registration Certificate.


7. Please note terms and conditions apply.

For any general issue, please do not hesitate to email us at

Our Team will be very happy to provide you with all the relevant clarifications.

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