The world in 2114

As it was once said “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today” and it seems that this is truth. After reading a very interesting article published by the Financial Times we were inspired:

We live in a very challenging and promising era of history. The next 100 years are predicted to be years that will change humanity. As per the article, economists predict that geo-engineering, performance drugs and artificial intelligence will shape our future.

Drugs will allow us to improve our own performance, science will give us the option to select the genetic characteristics of our children and artificial intelligence will take us on a long trend towards unification of global culture.

What is the basis for all the above?

A magnificent era of innovative ideas, new technological models and discoveries.
A full century of intellectual property rights!

This is the reason why we believe that we should work together and build strong professional networks, based on confidence and trust.
This is our time: the time for close cooperation with professionals who are passionate about innovative ideas and have the ability to use the law as a toolkit to create certainty and resolve issues that could otherwise become a threat to any intellectual property transaction.

This is why we believe that we can work together for the mutual benefit of our clients.

If you also share the same passion with us, and in case you might need our services for any IP issue for Cyprus or the EU do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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