Trademark issues in the Middle East and beyond

It is a fact that growing numbers of multinational trademark owners are successfully expanding their brands in the Middle East and surrounding regions. At the same time, increasing numbers of companies in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia have also started their international expansion.

This steady commercial activity has led to an increased need for trademark protection as well as strategies to guard against infringement and the counterfeiting of goods.

This is the reason why, during 9-11th December, a representation of the IP CYPRUS team will have the opportunity to participate in the International Trademark Association (INTA) conference that will take place in Dubai.

During the conference, our Team will have the opportunity to share ideas, gain valuable education and will be joining events to discuss issues related to the seminars which will be held including:

1. The benefits of cooperation between private and public entities to combat counterfeiting and piracy, including successful examples.

2. Trademark Valuation: The vital importance of knowing what your mark is worth, and tips on how to value the mark and other IP rights.

3. Dispute Resolution: Diverse points of view on what ADR/Mediation presents and whether one method is more effective than others.

4. Customs Border Measures: Recordal formalities, importance of a customs database and training of officers and inspectors at the ports, brand owner challenges when stopping shipments at the borders, goods in transit, and the outcome of enforcement at customs.

5. Well-known Marks: A comparative discussion among the United States
and MEASA countries on well-known marks.

6. Licensing Issues in the Region: Valuable information and insights from leading brand owners and a practitioner from the region on IP issues related to licensing situations.

7. Internet Issues: New gTLDs and geographic gTLDs.

In case you wish to receive more information why this conference is important and useful for the protection of your intellectual property rights and how IP CYPRUS Team can assist you for the developments of your rights in Cyprus, the EU and abroad, do not hesitate to send us an email to

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